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Liberty Lane Flowers

About Jennie



Jennie was born and brought up in Yorkshire, but recently spent several years living in Australia. After getting married and returning from living in Sydney, she trained in floral design in Bath, Somerset, and founded Liberty Lane. She is determined to create something different for her clients, using incredible flowers and foliage, and thinking about her designs down to the very last detail.

She says, ‘I am sentimental to a fault and this job completely exploits that part of my personality. I can sit down with a client, dream up a vision and create something truly unique which evokes memories for the rest of their lives… that is truly amazing to me’.

So many people ask where the name ‘Liberty Lane’ came from… It is a mixture of feelings and emotions – quintessential British cottage gardens, the changing seasons, a pride in Yorkshire and Britain in general, nostalgia for times gone by, beautiful little bits and pieces collected and treasured, and a deep love for British grown everything.



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